Needs and Wants

Hello Friends!

One of the biggest blessings for me is to receive mail here in Kenya! It is a sweet reminder of people back home who are praying for me and supporting me from afar. I would LOVE to hear from you!

I’ve also had many people ask if they could send me any items that I want or am needing. So, after asking MANY people and seeing what I can/can’t find in stores, here is a list of some items I would love to get. Many are items I can’t get here and some are just too expensive to buy. I will try to update this from time to time, so make sure and check back!

  • Misc:
    • cards (thank you cards, birthday, blank, etc)
    • Ziplock bags
    • Scrapbook Paper pads
    • gift bags/tissue paper
    • ribbon
    • candles
    • craft supplies (stickers, stencils, etc)
    • band-aids (the school relies on people visiting for this because they are too expensive to buy here)
    • vinyl wall clings to decorate
    • Command hooks (mostly small to medium sizes) and picture hanging strips
  • Food:
    • Ranch/Italian dressing packets
    • Pepperoni
    • Crystal Light/Kool-Aid drink mixes for student gatherings
    • Muffin Mixes
    • Easy “meals” for drop-in student visitors or busy days: mac and cheese, boxed meals, boxed flavored rice, etc
    • Chocolate Chips
    • Garlic Salt
  • Christmas: this is very me-specific, but I am regretting not bringing more because Christmas is such a special time for me! The few ornaments I brought didn’t make it but I am hoping I can glue them back together.
    • lights (they are very expensive here)
    • small ornaments
    • small Holiday decorations
    • Holiday crafts
  • School:
    • small toys (like party favors) for class rewards
    • stickers
    • crayons
    • markers
    • hot glue gun and sticks
    • poster-hanging sticky strips

A few notes: padded envelopes are best and cheaper than boxes. They will also get here fairly quickly (around two weeks) and have a better chance of not being opened.

Thank you so much! 🙂