God always keeps His promises

Hello Friends and Family!

I can’t believe I’ve already finished my first term at RVA! Thank you for your prayers and support! It seems like just yesterday I was driving onto the campus for the first time and seeing my home for the next two years. I won’t say it has always been easy, but my time here continues to push and challenge me in so many ways. God is truly faithful!

His promises: Being at RVA allows me to teach Bible to my sweet Kindergarten class. It was interesting that one of the common lessons throughout this whole term in my Bible curriculum was “God always keeps His promises.” As we looked at the Creation story, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses…I reminded my students over and over “God always keeps His promises.” When sin entered the world-God always keeps His promises, when Abraham is promised a son-God always keeps His promises, when it looks like God has forgotten about Joseph-God always keeps His promises, when the Israelites continually disobey, distrust God and even ask to be taken back to slavery in Egypt-God always keeps His promises.

How sweet God was to remind me of His faithfulness and goodness in knowing He keeps His promises. But contrary to what the world would like to say, He doesn’t promise to give me what I might want, or promise that this life would be easy. He promises so much more! I had the opportunity to walk thru a study in 1 Peter this term and in that book, God gives us a promise worth clinging to: “an imperishable, undefiled and unfading inheritance” in Heaven (1 Peter 1:4). That is a promise to remember when anxiety, doubt and worry creep in during this life of ours!

Obedience is HARD: As I think back over my time here this term, there were many things to learn:

How do I start a fire? How do I heat my water to take a shower? Is this water drinkable? What kind of bug is that? How long can I keep eggs on my counter? Is that poisonous? Where am I in Nairobi? How do I barter in the market? Where do I get meat/cheese/groceries/de-worming medicine? The hospital ATM is out of cash…what now? What kind of voltage can I plug into that? Where is this building? Is it safe to walk there after dark? How can I already be out of flour…I bought 7 bags!? How do I convert grams and milliliters into something I know! How much airtime do I need for my phone? My passport stamp expired…what now? How long do I soak my veggies? Cilantro is called what here?

I could go on and on…but I think the most important lessons have been ones that God is faithfully reminding me of day in and day out. Over and over this term, he is bringing to mind what true obedience looks like.

At the beginning of the term, I felt like I was struggling with ministry, homesickness, and questions of how my time/work here was impacting the Kingdom for Christ. How is teaching Kindergarten going to reach the unreached people in Africa? I am doing exactly what I did in the US! I really wrestled with the worth of what I was doing here.

I felt discontented as I worked thru the “whys” but then God brought to mind that all He requires of me is obedience. He asks that I trust Him and faithfully say “yes.” Right now, He has placed me at RVA teaching 7 Kindergarten students, and loving on high school girls each week. Of this, He asks for my obedience.

I love this quote by Elisabeth Elliot: “This job has been given to me to do. Therefore, it is a gift. Therefore, it is a privilege. Therefore, it is an offering I may make to God. Therefore, it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him. Here, not somewhere else, I may learn God’s way. In this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfulness.”

It is definitely not always easy or fun, but there is blessing and joy in places of learning obedience. I am not called to know what I am doing or how it will work out, but I do know that God is faithful. My job is then to be faithful in the season, circumstance or situation that God has given to me.

Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me this term! I am lifted by your words and prayers!

Much love, Megan