The countdown begins…

Hello Family and Friends,

Please forgive my lack of posts lately! I promise to do better once I land in Africa…My life now seems to revolve around all things Africa prep: packing, packing, moving, packing, packing, spending time with family and friends, and then packing some more!

I am officially 17 days away from departing for Africa. Wow!

A few specific dates:

July 12: depart for Africa Inland Mission headquarters in Atlanta

July 14: depart for Africa!

July 19-August 9: Africa Based Orientation in Nakuru, Kenya before heading to Rift Valley Academy

There is so much going on, but there are also so many blessings in this season of preparation. Several weeks ago, I found myself speaking with God and (truthfully) being a bit whiny. I was lamenting the fact that this season of life (preparing for Africa) is one of exhaustion and too many emotions to express! I felt like my heart was wondering why this time has to be so hard. Aren’t I doing something for the Lord? Can’t it be easier? I felt like God quickly and clearly reminded me that this season is not a time to graze thru and pass by on the way to learning the “real lessons” once I land in Africa. No. This is where the learning begins….

When I am grieving the loss of my home….He is my place of rest, comfort and peace.

When I am sad about leaving my precious loved ones… He understands my grief, and I can trust that He is a good Father who goes with me on this journey. I am not alone!

When I feel like I am exhausted and can never tackle the to-do list before me…He is my sustainer and the lifter of my head. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

He is WORTH IT and worthy to be praised in all seasons!

I am thankful He is using this season of my life to teach me so many new things. He redeems even the whiny cries of His daughter…and for that I am forever thankful!

Much love, Megan