Hello Friends and Family,

There’s been a lot of exciting things happening lately in my preparations for Africa! Read on to see…



I sent out many newsletters to friends and family across the country! I wanted to update them on what I am doing, but I also wanted to ask for their support and prayers as I continue on my journey. My M-Group (weekly Bible study, missional group) helped me by stuffing, stamping, writing addresses, and making the whole process a lot more fun! 🙂 Would you pray that God would move in the hearts of my family and friends? Would you pray they would understand and see my heart and God’s heart for Africa? IMG_2636

I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful support system here to help me!IMG_2637


One big thing that I needed to do before heading to Africa was to sell my house. I have loved this house so the process was a little bittersweet…but it is an exciting, big step towards Africa! The neatest thing about selling my house was how sweet the Lord was during this time. It was an incredible story of His faithfulness!! I met with my realtor to talk about putting it on the market, and there were some very specific needs I had: 1. I really wanted it to sell over Spring Break. I didn’t want to have to worry about being at work and putting Cooper away while people were wanting to come see the house. I can’t step away from my 18 Kindergarteners too easily! 2. I didn’t want to close until this summer. I didn’t want to have to move out until June!

The two needs “seemed” to contradict, and I really didn’t see how they would work out. I just prayed for His timing and that I would trust and find peace in that. WOW, did God so sweetly answer my prayers! My house sold in 24 hours, above my listing price, and I don’t have to be out until June. It was the easiest, simplest process. It was such an undeserved blessing and to Him be the glory!

Support Update:

I am seeing progress on my financial needs to get me to Africa. Here are my current needs: $3, 647 for my outgoing needs (airline tickets, vaccinations…everything to get me to Africa) and $1366.00 for my monthly pledges (this is my salary once I step onto African soil!). It has been a wonderful, faith-building, humbling, and exciting process to have friends, family, co-workers, and others come along with me on this process. Would you pray that I would have 100% of both funds by June 1? If you want more information on joining my financial team please let me know. I would love to talk with you!

Until next time,