You are going where???

Hello Friends!

I am hoping to become more regular at blogging from now until I depart on my Africa adventure. So make sure you check back often for updates!

I wanted to take some time to write about what led to this faith journey. So, for all of you wondering what I am doing and WHY….read on!

When I was in college, I had the blessing to be a part of Campus Crusade for Christ. I loved this organization! I not only made wonderful life-long friendships, but I was challenged in my walk with Christ. I was discipled by Christ-loving women and taught the importance of discipling others. During my freshman year, I was challenged to go on a Summer Project (mission trip). I had been on church mission trips growing up, but I could never have guessed how this trip would change my heart and life. I began to seek wise council from family and friends and decided I was going to go to Santa Cruz, Ca. Who wouldn’t want to spend the summer in California? 🙂 My walk with Christ was the most intimate it had ever been, and I was excited to have a summer continuing to grow. I went and had one of the best summers of my life with a large group of college students from all over the US. We got jobs to reach international students that were there for the summer and my heart began to stir for people in a way that I had never known. I was broken-hearted for the people I was meeting who had no hope or joy in Christ. I came back ready to go on another summer project! The next summer I took my first international mission trip and spent 6 weeks in Moscow, Russia. The same thing happened! I found my heart stirred and broken for people that were very different from me, but I was beginning to understand God’s heart for people. I looked at people differently. I saw past the person and began to see a soul….either spending eternity with the God of the Bible, or eternally separated from him. I ached for my Russian friends who didn’t know Christ. I came back with a continued stirring to live missionally and began to wonder if I would ever be able to do it as a full-time missionary. As I continued college, I never got rid of that stirring. At times it was a gentle whisper and at times a deafening roar.

About a year and half ago, I was dealing with some feelings of discontentment. I felt like my life was just not turning out like I thought! How dare this Creator of the universe not play out my life like I wanted! Seems silly, doesn’t it? But, how often do we find ourselves doing this? I did. But, thankfully God redeemed those feelings and used them to cause me to question what I was doing. I began to think, “What would I do if I could do anything at this time in my life? Where would I do it?” I began to pray that God would open my heart and change my imperfect will to His perfect will. My heat was stirred again for people. I had always joked that I would one day end up in Africa. I had never been there, but I always wanted to. It was just a longing, a calling, a stirring. I told God that I would prayerfully move in faith towards working in Africa…but I needed Him to open and close the doors as He saw fit. Well, fast-forward a few months and here we are. 🙂 He hasn’t closed the door yet. At times, I wish he had. At times it feels like an impossible task to up and move around the world. But, I hold fast to Christ and His plan! This truly is a journey of faith in His faithfulness. Thankfully it isn’t up to me! I can trust him because He is faithful!

Until next time,